This Advent I Will Take Time To…

Nov 29

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Fifty sheets of card cut into A5, 5 minutes on photoshop and £3 for the magnet from eBay.  And of course my handy pack of felt tips from Bargain Madness.

Fridge magnet prayers.  “This advent I will take time to…”

We spend so much time running around being human doings instead of human beings.  This advent we’ve made decisions about how we are going to deepen our relationship with God and with our friends and family.  It’s going up on the fridge at eye height to remind us to drink more tea, to pray more, to laugh more… or whatever we decided as we were praying this morning.

Hail Holy King – A Reworked Hymn for Christ The King

Nov 16

About six months ago we were talking about Hail Holy Queen. Let’s face it, we’d been watching Sister Act.  We wanted to sing it with Metanoia but needed to make it work liturgically. We’ve reworked it to be about Jesus for Christ The King.  We did it last night at Rock Mass and it worked really well.

We also punked it.  But you don’t have to.  Apologies for the formatting on my blog.  The theme doesn’t have a way of formatting at is good for lyrics.


1. Hail, holy King enthroned above, Hallelujah!

Hail! King of mercy and of love! Hallelujah!

Triumph, all ye Cherubim,

Sing with us ye Seraphim,

Heaven and earth resound the hymn:

Holy, holy, Lord God Almighty!

2. Our life, our sweetness here below, Hallelujah!

Our hope in sorrow and in woe, Hallelujah!

3. To thee we cry, poor sons of Eve, Hallelujah!

To thee we sigh, we mourn, we grieve, Hallelujah!

4. Turn then, most gracious Advocate, Hallelujah!

Towards us thine eyes compassionate, Hallelujah!

5. The cause of joy to us below, Hallelujah!

The spring through which all graces flow, Hallelujah!

Angels, all your praises bring,

Earth and heaven, with us sing,

All creation echoing,

Holy, holy, Lord God Almighty!

Harvest with the Bigatron

Nov 12

This isn’t my idea, credit belongs with Fr David Teasdel in Altofts. We were talking about how we were both doing an all age harvest that week in school with 400 children from age 4-11. He said “Easy! BIGATRON” as though that is a satisfactory answer to any harvest question. 

This is tried and tested. A lot. 

The BIGATRON is one of those big opaque boxes from your office with a sign that says BIGATRON. Head to the supermarket and buy veg that comes in different sizes. Cherry tomatoes and beef tomatoes.  Sprouts and cabbages.  Put the big ones inside the BIGATRON and the little ones on the table next to it.  

Forgive me for paraphrasing in short hand but I tend to talk without script – this generally goes on for a lot longer with all sorts of dramatic gestures (benefit of being an RE teacher for five hours a day in my previous life):

Last night I fell and hit my head and came up with this amazing idea for an invention.  It’s called the BIGATRON!  It is an amazing thing!  It will solve all world hunger!  This is the BIGATRON!  It works with one magic word…

I generally at this point ask about magic words. Some of the sweetest. Conversations have happened with 400 kids present about how “please” is a magic word that makes things happen and that “sorry” is a magic word because it makes hurt go away. 

We place the small veg in the box. We chant the magic words….

Bigga bigga bigga bigga BIGATRON!!

And then I pull out the big one. 

I usually have about ten different veg.  Tiny parsnips and giant parsnips. 

It’s a carrot but it’s white!  What’s that all about?

I’m constantly amazed by the number of children who have never seen a parsnip. I digress…

And then invite one of the children to pick an item from the harvest offering to put I the BIGATRON. 

The first time I did this she picked the giant purple quality street.

Magic words. 

Must try harder. 

Rabble rousing from the vicar. 

Ask the child to pull out the big one. 

Sprung. The BIGATRON is not real. 

This is the point where we have the opportunity to explore how there is no magic solution. We are reliant upon the God of creation who made a world that supports life.  Rain falls upon the crops and they grow.  And we are responsible for ensuring that food is fairly distributed to those who need it.  Jesus taught us…

This is a springboard into so many scriptures, so many charities, so many moral dilemmas around good and harvest.  You know what to do. Go and do it in 2016. Sorry I’ve not had chance to blog it earlier. 

Collective Worship – Who Are You?

Oct 12

I keep running from one thing to another and have been neglecting my blog.  I’ve got loads of creative stuff I’ve done but none of it has appeared here.  This morning (far too early this morning) I was inspired by @frsimon “Oh yes we do!” posted on his blog.  I have been looking for inspiration for what I am going to do for collective worship this year and “who are you” seems like a big enough question for us to sink our teeth into.  @RevLeahVS and I were chatting and she told me about Fischy Music’s Big Big Questions and the kids always complain if I don’t bring the guitar with me.

(I’ve just bought a massive crate and some castors so I should be able to get the electric guitar and amp and a giant paschal candle and laptop and all of the other assorted gubbins I need to play with 200 primary school kids for 20 minutes rather than the acoustic)

Here is the prezi I used.

Here is the intro video I mashed together for it.

Here is Simon’s script.  And if you prefer it… his prezi with icons of each of the Saints.

Sanctum – A Gathering for Emerging Sacramental Groups

May 18

11011091_10155536999425150_1660389118892608512_oA few of us who are involved in Sacramental Alt Worship/Emerging Church/Fresh Expressions in the UK have been talking and we think that there is a need for a space for us to cross pollinate and dream dreams.  Wherever you come from and whatever you are hoping to see develop in the future, Sanctum could be the place for you to explore missional worship from a sacramental tradition.   There will be several practitioners involved including Sue and Malcolm Wallace from Transcendence, Eddie and Sarah Green, Ruth Sutherland and me from Metanoia and the Rock Mass and others.

The accommodation and facilities we’re using are at the Community of the Resurrection in Mirfield. Wworship will be in the newly reordered lower church with it’s great tech spec.  Full board is £104 which is not bad for a noisy retreat.  Spaces are limited so please get in touch ASAP to book.

If you want to dream dreams with us, please get in touch!

Lower Church

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