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Especially Prayer Dice

Apr 11

As we have journeyed together through lent as a community at Holy Nativity, people have been asking how we can grow as disciples.  One thing I keep being asked about is prayer.  There is a universal truth about all people who believe;  every single one of us thinks we’re rubbish at praying.  By listening to

Paper Chain Prayers

Dec 24

At the Christmas Rock Mass we prayed for Jesus to bring light into the dark situations around the world and in our lives.  I bought a couple of paper chain making kits from eBay.  With suitable music playing, people wrote their prayers on the back of their links and added them to the chain.  It

Sheldon’s Grace

Jul 17

As we’re doing children’s prayers and graces, here’s Sheldon Cooper doing grace with his mother. By His hand, we are all fed. Give us Lord, our daily bread. Please know that we are truly grateful, For every cup and every plateful. Amen.

Superman Grace

Jul 17

At #worship2013 conference organised by the liturgical commission. As the conversation has developed, the word ‘trite’ has been used extensively. I put “I’d better not mention the Superman grace”. Twitter has demanded the Superman grace. I’m putting together a video that goes with it for the summer school I’m running to check that our later.

A Prayer of Brendan

Oct 30

“I thank you for this, my God, I am a traveller and stranger in the world, like so many of Your people before me. There is a sense of adventure, of openness to possibilities, abandonment to God and expectation of fulfilling his will. I accept the responsibility, I’ll hear and obey, and trust it is