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How to Love Your Neighbour

Dec 30

I was looking through some old photos from my first teaching job.  This was taken really badly in th days when this was as good as you would get from a digital camera.  I set the task of producing a collage showing what the teaching “love your neighbour” really means.  This is what one young

The Archbishop Misleading People?

Dec 21

In the coffee shop last night I noticed The Times had a large banner on the front page bearing the heading “Three?  Wise?  Men? Asks the Archbishop”.  When I turned to page three I was confronted by an article entitled “It’s all a Christmas Tall Story”.  The article has a tone which paints Rowan Williams


Dec 21

Last night we donned our coats and ventured into the cold nigh air of Leeds to watch the late night shoppers over a cup of coffee.  This was followed by the one daily showing of Beowulf at the cinema.  This is a film I have heard a lot about of hype about it on the

Abuse of Power

Dec 20

My friends and I have been having a debate over the purpose of a sermon.  One conclusion is that a sermon is not a personally sounding board to vent your own frustrations and entertain with personal anecdotes to illustrate your frustration. With this in mind, what is the ASDA fast lane all about?  I have used

The Golden Compass

Dec 19

Ruth and I went to see The Golden Compass as people seem to be making such a hoo-ha about it.  I fist came across Pullman’s Dark Materials a few years ago when the school librarian thrust it at me demanding that I read it.  He was convinced that the book contained the answers to life

God’s Insurmountable Love

Dec 18

There is something amazing about Christmas time and it is the hope that is provided for those of us who feel alone, unwashed or unloved.  God did something amazing, he came to earth to let us know how much he cares.  Jesus came to the marginalised and stood with us.  He came to the outcasts


Dec 17

I’ve nearly finished my exam marking.  The funny quote of today was in response to the quote “religious people are the only ones who care about the environment”. Other people like naturists and friends of the earth care deeply about the environment.