• Archive: January 2008

Contemporary Emergence

Jan 31

I recently heard a good sermon which used a pop song to illustrate its point.  The song was Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For.  The point made was that at the point when you become a Christian, everything in your life doesn’t become miraculously fixed.  The prosperity gospel does not miraculously take away your

Mission Shaped Lent

Jan 29

I have just received the Fresh Expressions mailing list.  They are offering a six week course for lent that can be downloaded from the site.  The focus is on an introduction to mission and becoming an outward facing church. New world, new church? Our world and our lives have changed radically in the last twenty

PRoT Gallery Exhibition

Jan 28

The People’s Republic of Teesside are having a gallery exhibition at the Python Gallery in Middlesbrough.  I did prepare a submission but in the end I bottled it and didn’t submit.  I really wish I had now!  The preview evening is on Tuesday and the exhibition runs from 30th January until 8th February.

Falling in the River

Jan 28

Yesterday I went to take photos with the People’s Republic of Teesside at a location in Yarm.  The idea was that it was for film only cameras.  I was using an Olympus OM-1 that I inherited – fully manual and sturdy metal construction.  I felt like Peter Parker taking shots for the daily bugle!  I

God of the Inner City

Jan 25

I was asked to play in a band tonight.  A friend who used to play drums in Soul Ascendant (the 8 piece soul band I used to play with) sent a text message asking if I was available.  It only dawned on me that I didn’t really know what event I was playing for until I

Cheese Rock!!

Jan 23

The new band seems to be going really well.  I can highly recommend the theraputic process of playing cheesy rock with some cool people.  We should at this rate be out and giging in 3-4 months.  It seems like ages since the last time I was playing live in a pub.  At the rehearsal last

Metaphor for Emerging Church

Jan 21

Tall Skinny Kiwi has reproduced an article written in 1999 about the nature of emerging church structure.  It is quite satirical as it uses descriptions of different gardens to compare the EC.  On many levels it is highly insightful and gives a good comparison of the strengths and weaknesses of the different emerging church communities

The Body of Christ

Jan 19

My spiritual director quoted an unusual source this morning on the nature of the body of Christ.  His source was power dressing, shoulder pad clad 80’s hair TV show Dynasty. [we] may not like each other very much, but we are family.