• Archive: February 2008

Fairtrade Fortnight

Feb 25

This marks the start of fair trade fortnight.  A self employed man from our lent group was espousing the joys of fair trade in the world of business last week.  He had been challenged by another entrepreneur that fair trade goes against the principles of business.  Business is there to make as much money as

Emerging Women

Feb 21

A cartoon at ASBOJesus has prompted some interesting debate about the role of women in emerging church leadership.  The consensus is that the number of women in leadership of the emerging church is “criminally low”.  This made me reflect upon the people I know who are in leadership of various things that could be categorised


Feb 14

We have been watching Kevin Smith’s latest offering with the TV series reaper.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with Kevin Smiths work, he is a bit of a cult film director whose films usually deal with American teen dropouts like Jay and Silent Bob.  Reaper slots straight into this category with all of

General Synod

Feb 13

It is with great interest that the controversy over Rowan Williams remarks chunters on.  The BBC’s correspondent had this to say after his speech in synod after which there was some very outspoken criticism. And he should have had some idea of how the very word Sharia is enough to drive reason from many minds.

Sharia Law

Feb 11

There has been huge controversy surrounding the Archbishop of Canterbury this week because of his remarks in a radio interview about the inevitable adoption of Sharia law parts of the UK.  As with most modern news reporting there is “widespread recognition that the shape and form of his remarks was inappropriate but have been spun