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In Pursuit of Ethical Interviews

Apr 30

Now I tend to steer clear of the nonsensical and rather trivial debate between creationists and evolutionsists.  However, it is a long time since something had such a high profile as Ben Stein’s Expelled.  I first heard about the tactics employed to obtain sound bites a few weeks ago.  There is an interesting article at about

Dirty Mother

Apr 25

Looks like something is happning in the North.  More specifically it is happening in Manchester.  Dirty mother is a month long exhibition in Nexus focused on climate change.  It is a partnership between Christian Aid, Sanctus1 and Nexus. You now get to be i the priestly role and hear my confession.  I hadn’t really heard


Apr 25

The British National Party stuffed a leaflet through my door last night.  In other news, it is 30 years since Rock Against Racism first started. The 1st of May is your opportunity if you live in the UK to tell racists where we stand on this issue.  I want to wake up and find that

St George

Apr 24

Ok, I know I am a day late.  I was just browsing through some news articles and I came across this article about St George. St George is fast becoming a rallying point for groups such as the British National Party to espouse it’s racist views acoss the country.  However, there is a movement to bring