• Archive: May 2008

Catholic Community

May 12

Well here we go with a light hearted start to the week.  I was searching the church news on Ekklesia when I cam across this article about a new social networking site aimed specifically at the Catholic Church.  The Church is truly becoming hip and with it!! I particularly like Dom’s profile picture 😀

Current Reading // Slash

May 8

I have read so many academic books on theology recently.  I have decide that it is time for a change and a good friend gave me the autobiography of Slash as a birthday present. It seems excessive…but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. The first page is an eye opening description of playing a guitar

The Nature of the Eucharist.

May 7

Sorry guys I haven’t been having any original thoughts lately.  I have discovered that everyone seems to be thinking about the bread and wine… I started a rant on ASBO Jesus about the nature of the Eucharist.  It all came from the fact that I went on an Ignation retreat and found that the Eucharist ended

Visions in York

May 1

OK, the quest for emerging church in the North of England has yielded an emerging church in York called Visions.  They characterise themselves as “A church for people who don’t like church”. They are loosely based in an ancient church called St Cuthberts that dates back to 687CE.  They are attached to St Michael-le-Belfrey church