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Jul 31

Sorry I haven’t been posting much.  I am on holiday from work at the moment and that means I am a little lackadaisical in my posting.  We have entered that summer period church wise where everyone goes on holiday so there is less influencing my posting.  As well as that I am spending too much

Inspire // Summer Break

Jul 18

I totally forgot to blog the Inspire worship gathering last night.  The theme was “Come to me all who are weary…”.  It was a really good night and it was great to see so many people there.  There seemed to be loads of people I didn’t recognise and that can only be a good thing. Inspire

Retelling the Narrative

Jul 15

Often referred to as the greatest story ever told, the life of Jesus is one that touches millions around the world.  There has been much academic movement to discover ways of making the Gospels heard in a world that is 2000 literary years away from them.  The cultural difference between the time and place of the

Equality in Church Structure

Jul 8

It would seem that the Church of England has decided not to pussyfoot around the issue of womens ordinantion to the episcopate.  This I am sure is a welcome change for those women it affects over the way that the ordination of women priests unfolded in the early 90’s.  At least they have agreed in principle

Do the Green Thing

Jul 4

Do the Green Thing is web site that uses celebrity endorsement to come up with fun ways of being more environmentally friendly.  I first heard about it a few months ago through Justin Hawkins blog on Myspace.  He produced a song for the site called ‘Do it in the Dark’ – a truly ingenious way of

Death of an Institution

Jul 4

Sorry, this will mean very little to anyone inside of the USA.  Some people become so ingrained into the psyche of a nation.  One of these people is Clive Hornby.  It doesn’t matter if you watch Emmerdale or not, for the past 28 years Jack Sugden played by Hornby has become the iconic image of

Time to move on

Jul 4

All good things must come to an end and Kester has decided to hang up his blog to focus on a new book.  It will be a shame not to have his regular insight on the world we live in.  The synopsis for his new book sounds very interesting so lets look forward to it.

General Synod and Christian Unity

Jul 4

One of the overarching principles of Anglicanism is the desire for Christian unity whilst those around us are drawing battle lines.  Unfortunately the and/both method of Christian unity is starting to fail and headlines are being created over the issue of women’s ministry and the ‘controversial’ vote in synod this week.  This, combined with the