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Aug 27

Sorry I haven’t posted anything recently.  Very sorry that what I have posted hasn’t been particularly relevant.  I have been on holiday (and some of which was greenbelt 😉  ). I have also been to a two day interview which was very stressful.  If any of you could pray for my success I would be

The Dark Knight

Aug 6

I went to see The Dark Knight on Monday and it was really good.  Heath Ledger’s performance was amazing – this is what a truly psychotic mad man is supposed to be like!!  I highly recommend going to see it for that alone.  I also loved the messianic under/overtones. My only criticism is that since

Funny Laws

Aug 1

Now I have read many funny laws from all over the world.  For example, it is compulsory for boys to have at least 2 hours longbow practice (in England), taught by their local vicar.  However, this one made me try to breath my coffee this morning.