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Oct 23

Following the link I posted to daily prayer, Carole just pointed out to me that there is a daily Ignation meditation podcast that can be downloaded to your i-pod or mp3 player.¬† As she points out it means that you can be spiritual whilst on the tube to that 8AM meeting.¬† Now it doesn’t get

The Value of a Child

Oct 21

It was interesting to note at a recent diocesan meeting that they had compiled a large diocesan wide survey of children.  Their findings were surprising to many but I found them a bit predictable.  It would seem that the children surveyed said that they feel their opinion is valued in all of their communities.  It

The Role of a Preacher

Oct 21

I intended to post this a few months ago when I first saw the episode but with moving house I didn’t get around to it.¬† Recently I was challenged about the role of preaching within a service and it came instantly back to mind.¬† Someone recently postulated that all preaching is ineffective and that all

Daily Prayer RSS Feed

Oct 20

Sometimes the ‘institutional church’ does something that really amazes me when they decided that technology is a good thing.¬† Surely they must have been ordaining technogeeks as a matter of course for the past few decades as evidenced by the Church of England Website.¬† Firstly, the discovery that the lectionary was¬†available for a palm pilot/blackberry/whatever¬†came

Generous Orthodoxy

Oct 9

Ithink I may have mentioned Generous Orthodoxy by Brian McClarren before.  If I have, I appologise Рbut I am having one of those days where I wonder if people could exercise generous orthodoxy in greater abundance. Have a read of it on here at google books.

The Common Life

Oct 5

The more I walk, the more I realise that the Christian faith is about communion.  Not necessarily in the sense of bread and wine but rather in the sense of relationship.  What that means has been amplified for me by my current situation.  I realise that we are not just in communion with those we