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The Wisdom of Homer

Dec 24

So the Simpsons Christmas special has just presented an interesting outlook on the church Let’s just say that on this day a million years ago, a dude was born who most of us think was magic, but others don’t and that’s cool. But we’re probably right. Amen – Homer Simpson I was also tickled by this…

Holiday Illness

Dec 18

I have been on holiday now for nearly a week and that can only mean one thing! Illness!! It started last Saturday and has had me feeling pants until today. I have managed to make it out of bed and dressed and feel almost human. Appologies for my absense (I have a note from my

One Year of WordPress Blogging

Dec 5

It is the one year anniversary of my blog – Changing Worship – moving to wordpress from myspace.  It has certainly been an eventful year with highs and lows.  Obviously there have been big changes for me personally as I move towards ordination in the CofE and all that that entails.  A big thanks to

The New Year

Dec 2

We have just entered into a new liturgical year as we start looking towards the incarnation at Christmas.  We are also heading towards a new calendar year.  With this in mind, a friend of mine has produced a calendar for 2009 using some of his stunning images of the UK’s north east coast.  It is

Advent Labyrinth in Meltham

Dec 1

Meltham Methodist Church on Mill Moor Road in Meltham will be having an Advent Labyrinth.  I didn’t make it along last year but saw lots of photos and heard good reports so it could be worth a look. Thursday 11th 11-5 Friday 12th 11-7 Saturday13 11-7 with creche 2-4

Nativity in Comic Format

Dec 1

The Diocese of London has produced a Beano style comic version of the nativity in a move to make Christianity more accessible in multicultural Britain.  There is also quite an extensive children’s section on the London Christmas website. It doesn’t matter how old and stuffy you are, going to the left of the advent calendar and