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Emergent Reaction

Jan 29

One of the worrying hangovers of the reformation was that many large denominations are based upon a reactionary movement.  A good example of this would be the Church of England and its early definition of “we’re not Roman Catholic”.  This is seen in the 39 articles of faith as laid down at the time. Many fledgling movements


Jan 28

I have been using a lot of online liturgical resources lately.  Not only does it save time but it can also provide a good source of inspiration when trying to find ways of bringing alternative services together.  As such I have decided to put them all together on a new liturgy page.  This is for

Mistakes I have made…

Jan 28

It would seem that I am a little over zealous in my desire to encourage my more traditional colleagues into the world of alternative worship.  I may have mentioned to them that I experienced an alternative worship form of the Anglican Book of Common Prayer’s Choral Evensong at Greenbelt this year.  And now that is the

The Net Church Huddersfield

Jan 22

I went to a lecture this morning and it highlighted something I seem to have overlooked completely.  There is a Fresh Expression church that extends up and over and around my very house and it is so obviously there that I haven’t even thought to mention it.  Apparently there is wood in those trees! The