• Archive: February 2009

Creep – A Fresh Expression

Feb 26

We all remember the Radiohead song creep.  Thom Yorke managed to sum up a generations fears and anxiety in such a poignant manner.  I recently stumbled upon a reworking of an acoustic version on youtube.  Take a look at the flash animation video and see what you think.

Keep Going

Feb 26

This film has a strange beginning but keep going.  It is all about that entrepreneur we harbour inside but expressed through our art.  I haven’t seen anything so affirmatory in a loooooooong time!

Funeral Music

Feb 11

Apologies to anyone who isn’t from the UK or anyone who doesn’t watch soap operas.  I just watched Jack Sugden’s funeral in Emmerdale.  They ended with John Lennon singing “Imagine there’s no heaven….” I find this sentiment a little bizarre.