• Archive: March 2009

Worship Idea – Online Community

Mar 20

OK, technically this isn’t a worship idea but rather a resource that I can see huge potential in.  WordPress have just announced a new theme which turns a blog into a much more interactive forum.  It is effectively an enclosed twitter. I see all sorts of potential uses for communities to express themselves.

Postmodern Worship

Mar 20

I’m on holiday which means I have had chance to get on with some reading.  I am just about finished with Adventures in Missing the Point and McLaren has said something about the phrase “postmodern church services” that amuses me greatly. Traditional worship means uncool (ie suitable for the over-50 crowd), contemporary worship means used to

New Header

Mar 18

For two months I have been wanting to have a revamp of the old blog.  The problem is that all of the designs I like I have used for other projects or when setting up other people’s blogs.  I also quite like the familiar feeling of the layout with everything within easy reach.  Also, other


Mar 18

Just been reading something Tony Campolo said about learning theology. He was concerned that theological learning is only useful if you have the cultural awareness to communicate into the current context. Karl Barth said a good preacher should be able to develop a sermon with a bible in one hand and a newspaper in the


Mar 17

I have just been to Jonny Bakers blog and he mentions twittergies by Gerard Kelly.  Gerard aims to offer “a tweet for the soul: personal liturgies in 140 characters or less”. This reminded me of something I have been meaning to blog for some time and haven’t got around to.  What can I say, life is