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The BNP and Question Time

Oct 20

It would seem that the ongoing saga of Nick Griffin’s appearance on BBC’s question time this week is going to be a hot talking point all week.  In a week where I have witnessed first hand a reasoned debate get thrown out of the window in favour of name calling and petty squabling, it would seem

The Church and The World

Oct 7

Sorry if I have been a little negative lately.  I have ben struggling a lot with this dillema, wonderfully illustrated by Jon at ASBOJesus.  When we look at our missiology there is often a major stumbling block in that we expect people to come to church as their first step.  For many people taking that

Social Class, Athiests and Theists

Oct 6

The church mouse has written an article that simplifies the research into social background and religious belief by Theos.  Check out the article but mouse raises an interesting question about why there are more people of faith from higher educational and social backgrounds. The obvious next question is why on earth this should be the