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The Bible Meets the X-box

Jan 21

Ruth Gledhill at The Times has written an interesting article called “Bang! Crash! Kill those Canaanites! The Bible on your X-Box”.  This got me thinking about how this fits into the emerging conversation.  It is clear that the scriptures are of great importance to our faith.  My experience over the last ten years is that people invariably

Photography by Blind People

Jan 21

In my spare time I am a keen photographer and take an active role in the Leeds Flickr Group.  One of the guys there pointed out this video at the BBC.  It is about how some blind or visually impaired people have been engaging with photography.  The results are stunning!

the church

Jan 15

This quote is taken from Jonny Baker’s blog. church is always spelt with a lower case ‘c’. church is always plural and never singular. church is not the space we mostly meet in. church needs neither prefix nor suffix. church is as much a verb as it is a noun. church is, for us, an