• Archive: February 2010

The Election

Feb 26

It would seem that we are in the run up to a general election here in the UK.  Not officially – but everyone is acting like it anyway.  So here are my thoughts on the subject as a Christian. a)  Make sure you use your vote.  Don’t sit this one out! b)  Pray about it.

Say One For Me Vicar

Feb 24

One of the things that is often shouted at you in the street whilst wearing a dog collar is “say one for me vicar”.  Our diocese in Wakefield has jumped on this idea for lent and is offering an opportunity for people who don’t attend church to have their prayers offered at the intercessions. If you would

Robin Hood Tax

Feb 11

I have just watched this video. As a Christian I don’t see how I could justify not showing my support for this.  Social justice is right up there in Jesus list of priorities – so I must make it one of mine! http://robinhoodtax.org.uk/