• Archive: March 2010

Saint Arnolds

Mar 18

I realised as I was updating the “Emerging Church in the North of England” page that I have been very remiss with my updating of late.  Duttyo keeps informing me of the new emerging group Saint Arnolds in the Lord Darcy pub Alwoodley, Leeds.  I think the group meet regularly to discuss the bible and drink

Rock Eucharist

Mar 18

Some of my friends and the readers of my blog will remember this well.  Partly because you were there and in some cases because you were in the band! A few years ago we decided to have a thought experiment – what would the Eucharist look like if it was incarnated into a sphere that people

Easter Live

Mar 18

Easter Live has been tweeting and re-tweeting the different thoughts people have about Easter.  What does it mean to the twitterverse?  Check out the hashtag #easterlive There is a simple PowerPoint to download today if you want to loop it in a service.  I personally will wait until the big day and may add things


Mar 3

Sometimes you just happen to be in the same place at the same time and like comes to like.  Whilst taking a colleague to a meeting last night we started talking about all sorts of things.  I just happened to mention the words ‘Fresh Expressions’ and ‘Emerging Church’.  Needless to say, one thing led to