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Being a Missional Christian

May 27

I just wandered over to Lesley’s blog and came across this classic clip from Monty Python.  Haven’t laughed so hard in ages. It got me thinking.  As a church we can spend a lot of time trying not to be seen.  Hiding out.  Keeping our mouthes shut. Mr Nesbitt has learnt the value of not being

Becomining Missional

May 24

Gavin Tyte has written a blog over at Share The Guide.  The premise is that: If the Church of England is going to survive and if God has a plan to reach everyone in our communities, then the local parish church is going to have to become missional. When read in one direction this is a call to mission

Fresh Expressions in The Times

May 15

It would seem that Fresh Expressions are starting to become more mainstream.  There is an article in The Times today about a variety of different ‘valid’ churches.  Is this your idea of church? Possibly not, but each is a valid “fresh expression of church” that has sprung up in the past five years.

The Fun Theory

May 13

I just had lunch with a colleague.  One of the things we have noticed as we travel through life is that misery loves company.  Sometimes it would seem to us that misery loves company when we are in church as well.  We have people who enforce all sorts of crazy rules in a dictatorial fashion. 

Tabled – Creative Communion Ideas

May 13

In my experience one of the first things that people drop when they think about alt. worship is the sacramental aspects of worship.  That said, there are some services such as Visions in York that engage in sacramental alt. worship. Often resources for alt. worship do not facilitate the sacramental.  This is where my wife

Religious Freedom and Liberty

May 11

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a long time.  Life has been really busy for the moment.  I have only just got around to watching the programme “Are Christians Being Persecuted”, a documentary shown on the BBC at Easter.  I was expecting a sensationalist view in either direction as people seem to like shouting.  I wasn’t