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Leadership Styles

Jun 15

One of the things that is often debated with regard to emergence is the need to reject the perceived autocratic forms of Church leadership.  People have a deep desire to be included and in feel a responsibility for their own faith.  To take an active place in their own relationship with God and to lead one another collectively.  In this

What is Jesus Like?

Jun 10

I got a link to this from Lesley’s Blog.  I guess we have been reading it for years.  Brian McLarren has been saying it for year.  To see Joe Public and hear them say it out loud when asked the question is disturbing. I wonder if it would be different if this was done in

Worship Idea – Storytelling

Jun 9

I am currently spending a week on residential training in preparation for ordination to the priesthood.  Yesterday we had the privilege of spending the day learning with Simon Airey.  Simon is chaplain part time to Grey College in Durham but for the other half he is a Storyteller. I came across storytelling as part of