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The Future of Christianity and The Church – Ecumenism

Oct 27

A fascinating discussion between an ecumenical group comprising N.T. Wright, Father Richard Rohr and Brennan Manning. Is this what we mean by the emerging church?  Something that is grounded in tradition and a lineage… and yet still operates around that… what Brian McLaren calls a ‘generous orthodoxy’.  I certainly think that’s the future. What amazing words from Fr

Pimp My Church

Oct 26

David Male has put an interesting overview of his book Church Unplugged on Share.  He makes an interesting contrast between Fresh Expressions of church and Pimp My Ride from MTV.  Please have a read of the article. My worry sometimes with all that is happening under the banner of fresh expressions of church/church planting is

What is a fresh Expression of Church?

Oct 24

The Fresh Expressions email sent a link to this video.  The issue it highlights was the focus of the keynote address by Graham Cray at Sheffield Diocese day of workshops looking at Fresh Expressions.  His most poignant remark was along these lines (I type from memory): My advice for people who want to set up a fresh expression is ‘don’t’.  Spend

The Manga Jesus

Oct 19

I did a quick search and it would seem that I have been a little remise.  A minister and a comic book nerd and I haven’t ever blogged about the Manga Bible.  Of all the different reinterpretations that I have mentioned before you would have thought I would have mentioned this sooner! There are all