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Ready Steady Slow

Nov 30

Tomorrow is the first of December and everyone will be opening the first door of their advent calendar.  The Church of England has launched Ready Steady Slow, an advent video calendar with different reflections each day leading up to Christmas.  The idea is to take time each day to slow down and spend time with God. 


Nov 29

I came across this brilliant image via James Lock’s blog.  It is a fantastic piece of work!  Very poignant commentary and the photography is stunning! After a bit of research with my friend Google I managed to track down a bigger version of it here.  Eventually (OK, I admit it, it took me about 2 minutes) I managed

Religion. What is it good for?

Nov 29

There has been a lot said about the debate between Christopher Hitchens and Tony Blair.  Ian Linden at the Guardian has a good take on this. Religion creates a framework in which it is possible to love extravagantly, to be a champion of compassion, to sacrifice self-interest and even self, to be a saint. It

Chris Evans Doffs His Hat

Nov 25

Yesterday I blogged about how top advertising execs had said that “If I had to make Jesus relevant, I would apply his teachings to modern life”.  As if by magic the Archbishop of York, John Sentamu has been on Chris Evan’s Breakfast show to hammer the point home.  Here’s what Chris Evans posted on Facebook

Christian Advertising

Nov 24

Emergent Kiwi has written an interesting blog post on Christian Advertising that you should check out.  He has been reading a book on advertising and quotes two executives: Bram Williams, once head of Saatchi and Saatchi’s wrote: “Better to make the activity of being Christian attractive than try to come up with a ‘hit spin

The Invisible Church – Hallelujah!

Nov 23

Many sources are keen to point out that “Christians are being marginalised” within society.  As I said in a recent blog people have become increasingly disconnected from their neighbours, their tangible, real world communities.  This can result in a sense of spiritual isolation and of being the only follower of the way present in each daily encounter

Fishing Net or Safety Net

Nov 22

I recently blogged concerns about Fresh Expressions moving people from one form of church to another rather than reaching new people.  Share the guide has blogged a brief introduction to a forthcoming grove booklet by Matt Stone asking the question “Are fresh expressions actually being fishing nets and reaching the unchurched, or are they merely safety nets, picking