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Have a Subversive Christmas

Dec 7

There is an interesting article in The Guardian entitled “Red Mary” that seeks to highlight the disparity between The Church’s fluffy Christmas message and that of the events it attempts to represent.  Jonathan Bartley contrasts the words of Mary in the magnificat declaring that The Lord “has brought down rulers from their thrones” and “lifted up the humble” to the point where the Magi are

The Nativity Drama on the BBC

Dec 7

In the final runup to Christmas, the BBC1 are showing a new dramatised production of The Nativity. It is being given a peak-time slot starting on Monday 20th December at 7pm.  Eastenders screen-writer Tony Jordan has retold the story and the production is being made in conjunction with Kudos, the company behind Spooks. There is more information at this website.

World AIDS Day

Dec 1

Today is World AIDS Day.  Whilst on placement in Kampala I stayed at a hostel in Namirembe.  A few yards from the gate was this sign.  This sign was one of many advertising similar initiatives as you travel around Uganda’s capital.  Spending time in Africa highlighted the great plight that AIDS causes.  Many in Africa