• Archive: February 2011

Self Service

Feb 24

Jon at ASBOJesus so often manages to identify the big issues around us and point a million watt light at them.  Here he has so succinctly juxtaposed the society in which we live and the way our world works with the ancient symbols of faith.  As a Church we are at a fascinating point in history.  In the

Rock Mass – Metanoia

Feb 16

After 4 years of playing together as a band it looks like we can’t shake each other off and we’re destined to do more m/ m/ worshipping.  We threw naming the band over to 100 thousand girl guides last summer but nothing seemed to stick.  In one last throw of the dice we asked twitter. 

Married Because I Mean It

Feb 15

I recently blogged about fresh expressions of wedding.  I was just sent a link to an article about a “rebranding exercise” campaign for SHE Magazine.  If I’m honest, I’ve never heard of SHE Magazine but I was intrigued by what they said about marriage as an act of nonconformity. If the current perception is that marriage is

On a Mission

Feb 14

You may have noticed that I have mentioned mission a few times recently.  Doing a module in Mission in Culture and Context with all of the newly ordained in the local area can do that to you.  I have been trying to articulate what it is all about for presentations in front of my peers

God is Love

Feb 10

Please allow me a moment of self-indulgence. I was a small boy when Bill and Ted hit the big screens and I didn’t register the film until I was about 18. But for a couple of moments whilst looking at songs that speak of God for the Rock Mass, this is where it’s at! This