• Archive: July 2011

The Google Minus Project

Jul 29

This video is an interesting take on the circles that google+’s social networking site has introduced us to.  It was shared in the comments on my guest blog at BigBible.  For those of you who have not looked at google+ yet, it allows you to place people into different circles or categories.  This means that in theory you don’t have to

The Watering Place

Jul 28

I was asked by my friend Andy to have a look at The Watering Place’s video channel. The first video has hit home straight away with something that Dr Ruth and I are both passionate about.  People who live with mental health problems are often so stigmatised that they are not able to engage with work,

The Fifth Gospel

Jul 28

Yesterday I was asked to give a talk about the time I spent in Uganda. Five years ago I spent a month on placement at Kampala cathedral. It was the first time Dr Ruth and I had really travelled together and we didn’t know what to expect.  I bought a new camera and took a notebook. 

Living Distinctively

Jul 27

There are many small group resources out on the market but it’s often hard to find something that is actually engaging.  There is nothing more demoralising than finding a small group leader with a tired looking pamphlet entitled something as exciting as “Judges”.  I often find myself asking “why are we doing this” whilst everyone


Jul 26

Julz has given me a link to Britistics.  It is a brilliant visualisation of British life in 2011, cutting through the drivel.  Who am I kidding, Julz has a much better way with words. Awesome british statical infographic – everything from time spent arguing to whether we believe more in reincarnation than aliens. Personally I’m

Naming a Child Lucifer

Jul 24

The eChurch blog linked to an interesting article about naming children.  It think it has sparked interest over there because three people have been turned down whilst trying to call their child ‘Lucifer’.  Here is a more telling quote from the article: one little girl christened Talula Does the Hula From Hawaii was so traumatized

An Oslo Lament

Jul 23

I have just got back from holiday and have quickly prepared something for the morning service about the terrible horrors that have unfolded in Norway.  I will not offer commentary on the events themselves as there are people much better qualified to do that than myself.  However, I will offer the response I am going