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The Tone of Conversation

Jun 30

This video seems to be doing to rounds again. A polite and humerus debate between human beings. A rare and beautiful think. When I was an RE teacher in giant letters across the whole front of the classroom it said “Key Skill: To be able to disagree with each other respectfully”.


Jun 24

One of the things we are struck by in Schwarzwald it the sheer volume of public religious art. Whilst there is a crucifix every few of miles along most roads, there are some much more extravagant pieces as well. This is a larger than life depiction of Gethsemane, complete with snoozing disciples. To give you

St. Nepomuk

Jun 18

Walking down the road in Freiburg we can across this roadside shrine. I had to use wordlens on the phone to find out who he is. I hope to be symbolic for something else. I’m going to have to google him as this can’t be right.