Last week we had so many responses to our request for Lamentations I thought I’d try again.

Metanoia (Our band) and the Rock Mass have been asked to contribute to Sanctum’s online conference. We are leading an act of worship on the Thursday Night based around the sacrament of reconcilliaion (confession). We really want to have a corporate voice to some bits of the service.

I want you all to know what you are signing up for so it doesn’t come as a surprise (confession is a very personal thing). We are going to be using the ten commandments as part of the service. We need an introduction (“Forgive me Father…”) and some responses for after each.

If you could record these four phrases and just leave a bit of a gap between them that would be awesome.

And also with you.

Forgive me Father for I have sinned

Amen Lord have mercy

Amen. Lord, have mercy upon us and write all these your laws in our hearts.

I will then stitch them together and use them as you take part in this online act of worship.

All you need to do is record it using something like voice memo on your phone and then send it in to this email address.

I could really do with having them by Wednesday 29th 5pm.

A huge thank you to everyone who has helped out already and thanks to those of you who are about to help out now!