Robb is a young(ish) Christian who is interested in the Emerging Church and Alt. Worship. He is a priest working for the Church of England as vicar of an Urban Priority Area in North Halifax. Unfortunately he is often described as “The Rocking Reverend with long hair, piercings, tattoos and a Harley”. This is the cliché he has to live with. For my professional profile, try LinkedIn.

In his spare time Robb plays in a rock band Silverthorn with his wife Ruth. They have been involved for many years in alt:worship but since Robb’s ordination they have been organising The Rock Mass with the band they formed, Metanoia. With Metanoia we’ve written musical settings for the Eucharist and played at services from small local parish churches to Minsters and Cathedrals. If you are interested in what we do, why not get in touch?

This blog is intended to bringing ideas for different things to do in church, bits of theology and occasional humour to the world. If you want to twitter me it is here. I have an interest in photography in spite of a distinct lack of talent. I will occasionally blog a photo I have taken if I think it is either useful for a service or… just because I like it. My flickr account is here.

The views represented in my blog are mostly just conjecture and don’t represent the official views of the Church of England. Often what you will find is ponderance. Sometimes it is wild speculation. Some people consider Robb to be outspoken so he shouted at them until they conceded that he’s not. This is a conversation and your input into the process Is valued here. This is not the last word on any topic, it is a word on it. If anything is considered offensive, let me know and I will consider removing it.

The name “Changing Worship” comes from a module I did looking at how Christian worship has evolved over 2000 years and where it is heading in the future. It just kind of stuck…

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