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The Tone of Conversation

Jun 30

This video seems to be doing to rounds again. A polite and humerus debate between human beings. A rare and beautiful think. When I was an RE teacher in giant letters across the whole front of the classroom it said “Key Skill: To be able to disagree with each other respectfully”.

Rob Bell

Aug 30

It doesn’t matter what perspective you come from, if you are in any way involved with Christianity you will probably have an opinion about Rob Bell.  This past weekend at Greenbelt was buzzing with talk of the man who would take to main stage on Saturday morning.  People were intrigued by what he was going to say or

Religion. What is it good for?

Nov 29

There has been a lot said about the debate between Christopher Hitchens and Tony Blair.  Ian Linden at the Guardian has a good take on this. Religion creates a framework in which it is possible to love extravagantly, to be a champion of compassion, to sacrifice self-interest and even self, to be a saint. It

Religious Freedom and Liberty

May 11

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a long time.  Life has been really busy for the moment.  I have only just got around to watching the programme “Are Christians Being Persecuted”, a documentary shown on the BBC at Easter.  I was expecting a sensationalist view in either direction as people seem to like shouting.  I wasn’t