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The Big Night Out

Feb 20

Last year we took the yoof to The Big Night Out.  If you have got a small youth group at your church it is a fantastic opportunity for them to see that they are part of something bigger.  The event starts off with the rides and then in the evening there are a few bands. If

Rock Communion Methodist Stylee

Oct 3

I have just realised that in the business of the last two weeks I have forgotten to mention this!!  Burton Road Methodist Churchis holding a Rock Communion service in Lincoln.  Metanoia are going to be there two weeks on Sunday at 6pm.  Graeme, Ali, Ruth and I were all at college together with their minister, The Sten (The Reverend

Creep – A Fresh Expression

Feb 26

We all remember the Radiohead song creep.  Thom Yorke managed to sum up a generations fears and anxiety in such a poignant manner.  I recently stumbled upon a reworking of an acoustic version on youtube.  Take a look at the flash animation video and see what you think.