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How to Make a Presentation

Jul 11

Have you ever sat in a room or a lecture theatre where you are waiting to be inspired?  You have waited for this hot topic for weeks, months.  You have read this person’s books and you imagine that seeing them talking about this topic must be mind-blowing.  You sit there with your iPad*poised to hear

Jennifer Aniston’s Sex Tape

Mar 8

For a while I’ve been looking at social media as a communication tool.  You will have noticed that I have posted  many blogs about the ways in which the internet can create a sensation that either builds up or destroys its target.  This flash mob video is a great example of how something can spread like wildfire and

We Publish

Jan 7

I’ve just bought a ticket for We Publish, an event in Leeds.  You can buy tickets here for a mere £5 which gets you the whole day conference and lunch too!  Bargain!  Old Broadcasting House is a really good venue too!!  Win, win and win!!  WePublish is a new type of event that provides an