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May 6

So what does everyone think of the ‘controvercial new video’ from Lady Gaga?  Is it just me or has this been released about three weeks too late? I can see it causing outrage to many but depicting Christ as a biker doesn’t really bother me.  Every time people try to be “controversial” they bring our gospel

Extreme Vicaring

May 4

Each venue auditioned an average of 14 vicars taking into account: a) their willingness to hold an alternative service, b) their experience in working in varied environments and c) their ability to hold mass at fifty plus miles per hour. I think I could say mass at a bit more than 50mph. Where’s the challenge

Good Friday

Apr 22

declare this an emergency come on and spread a sense of urgency and pull us through and pull us through and this is the end this is the end of the world it’s time we saw a miracle come on it’s time for something biblical to pull us through and pull us through and this