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Mar 8

For international women’s day there are some stark statistics which are highlighted in the above video.  Well done Daniel Craig. I’m married to a woman with a doctorate who earns vastly more than I.  Fortunately she has been given the opportunities that many women on Earth are not.  Some times because I grew up in a world

Chris Evans Doffs His Hat

Nov 25

Yesterday I blogged about how top advertising execs had said that “If I had to make Jesus relevant, I would apply his teachings to modern life”.  As if by magic the Archbishop of York, John Sentamu has been on Chris Evan’s Breakfast show to hammer the point home.  Here’s what Chris Evans posted on Facebook

Maybe True Stories

Nov 20

So I’m hoping hard if it’s the thought that counts That you don’t ever have to know what I think about And that every soul can always fit thought Heaven’s door With the weight of things it never told anyone before. A great song by Lauren O’Connell Full Lyrics: I’ve been trying to quantify All of