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Rob Bell

Aug 30

It doesn’t matter what perspective you come from, if you are in any way involved with Christianity you will probably have an opinion about Rob Bell.  This past weekend at Greenbelt was buzzing with talk of the man who would take to main stage on Saturday morning.  People were intrigued by what he was going to say or

The Wisdom of Homer

Dec 24

So the Simpsons Christmas special has just presented an interesting outlook on the church Let’s just say that on this day a million years ago, a dude was born who most of us think was magic, but others don’t and that’s cool. But we’re probably right. Amen – Homer Simpson I was also tickled by this…

The Church from the Outside

Nov 10

I juat came across this article and it made very interesting reading.  The writer is an atheist trying to make sense of the ordination of her mother in the Church of England.  It also touches on the progression of women to the episcopate. Most interestingly it highlights how someone from another faith group can view

Generous Orthodoxy

Oct 9

Ithink I may have mentioned Generous Orthodoxy by Brian McClarren before.  If I have, I appologise – but I am having one of those days where I wonder if people could exercise generous orthodoxy in greater abundance. Have a read of it on here at google books.

Interfaith Game Show

Jun 2

The Islamic Channel has come up with a new format for a game show.  Sounds like it could be a laugh. My biggest complaint about Christian TV channels is that they tend to televise church services rather than creating good programming.  I always feel let down by the fact that millions tune into Coronation Street