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What is “The Gospel”?

Apr 24

There is an inherent inner tension that consumes many followers of the way. So many feel the conviction in their beliefs about Jesus but are unsure of how to articulate them to a quizzical world. Surely there must be an easy way to justify our deeply held beliefs? It must be possible to reduce the

The Sun

Jul 7

Science is awesome!! The creativity that is emerging around the globe is staggering.  No longer are people constrained by the companies who sell ideas, they are free to explore the possibilities.  This is the beauty of the digital revolution.  I was given the opportunity to speak about alt worship/emerging church/culture with a group of people exploring


Nov 12

I have just finished reading Marked by Steve Ross.  I was sent it by a friend who was feeding my comic book addiction.  Here’s a quick review by Alan Grant: Steve Ross’s graphic novel ‘Marked’; is an exceptionally impressive achievement. The New Testament’s Gospel According to Mark is re-told in comic strip using contemporary life, characters

Retelling the Narrative

Jul 15

Often referred to as the greatest story ever told, the life of Jesus is one that touches millions around the world.  There has been much academic movement to discover ways of making the Gospels heard in a world that is 2000 literary years away from them.  The cultural difference between the time and place of the

The Apocalypse

Jun 20

I’m in the middle of getting everything off my old myspace site as it is defunct.  This is a song by Muse called Apocalypse Please.  It has some wonderful biblical language and imagery to convey the end times. Declare this an emergency come on and spread a sense of urgency and pull us through and

Hulk Smash!!

May 23

The trailer for the new Incredible Hulk movie is out and worryingly I am looking forward to it.  I have to say that the 2003 Ang Lee film left me feeling more than a little let down.  The promises in the press left the film with a lot to live up to.  The rhetoric of