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Guest Post

Apr 27

This month my guest post over at bigbible.org.uk has the word “Cathedral” in the title. This took me by surprise as much as everyone else. If you want to know why I would be mentioning a Cathedral in a post, why not check it out.

Rock Mass

Jan 11

If you are anywhere near the North of England it would be great if you would come to The Rock Mass in St Michael’s Wakefield.  It is an evening eucharist and will have a full rock band playing with lighting, smoke and the full works. This will be a culturally authentic experience as we come

New Monasticism?

Jul 5

There has been a lot of talk of “New Monasticism” in the world of Fresh Expressions but if I’m honest, this post isn’t really about that.  I often wonder how this relates to the “old monasticism”.  I am personally indebted to the local monastic community in Mirfield, the Community of the Resurrection.  This guardian article makes

Rock Eucharist

Mar 18

Some of my friends and the readers of my blog will remember this well.  Partly because you were there and in some cases because you were in the band! A few years ago we decided to have a thought experiment – what would the Eucharist look like if it was incarnated into a sphere that people