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The Watering Place

Jul 28

I was asked by my friend Andy to have a look at The Watering Place’s video channel. The first video has hit home straight away with something that Dr Ruth and I are both passionate about.  People who live with mental health problems are often so stigmatised that they are not able to engage with work,

To God

Apr 22

You have got to love the humble man who heads the Anglican Church.  A six year old girl asked “To God, How did you get invented?” in an RE lesson at primary school and her very witty atheist father emailed it to lots of church authorities.  Rowan wrote back. Dear Lulu, Your dad has sent


Apr 29

Kim asked me what my views were about suicide and I had to hold my hand up and say that I didn’t know.  Jon at ASBOJesus has very kindly offered to do a cartoon about it as a starter for 10.