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Peace – Advent, Day 3

Dec 3

The third day of the Advent Photography Challenge is Peace.  The sun in the late afternoon sky was amazing and throwing a wonderful orange glow across everything.  2 minutes drive away…. Ogden Water.  Peace. Check out the Facebook Group. Apologies to those of you who aren’t used to my photography.  I’m rediscovering my mojo and


Dec 2

You’ve probably spotted that I’ve been getting my photography mojo back.  Having spent a few years only ever taking photos for a deadline I’ve managed to get past my blockage and start shooting for fun again. This is a crucifix in Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris.


Mar 13

Click for a larger look on my flickr account. The deer have been outside our back window for nearly an hour now.  This is actually a shot from a week ago when just one of them was the other side of our garden fence.  There’s normally three.

Wearing a Cross

Apr 7

“Wearing a cross” seems to be the theme of the day on twitter.  I have a variety of opinions about the “marginalisation of religion”.  Unsurprisingly they don’t tend to correspond with the things that the national press seem to keep publishing.  Perhaps I will write about them in the coming weeks. This seems to be

Silent Night

Dec 14

I spotted this guy outside Covent Garden begging/busking.  He’s found a traffic cone and he is playing all of the Christmas Classics on it.  He was very good. Of course this photo doesn’t exist because we don’t have any poor people in the UK.

The News

Sep 23

It has been a week of strange experiences.  I mentioned in passing to our lovely local journalists that I was involved in a service at Dewsbury Minster called the “Rock Mass”.  Obviously we have done a few of these before but this time it seems to have legs.  Something to do with it being in a