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Jesus’ Revolution from the Margins

Jun 22

Some words from The Christ. Blessings on the poor in spirit! The kingdom of heaven is yours. Blessings on the mourners! You’re going to be comforted. Blessings on the meek! You’re going to inherit the earth. Blessings on people who hunger and thirst for God’s justice! You’re going to be satisfied. Blessings on the merciful!

The Big Benefits Row

Feb 6

I’m always cutting edge and up to date, never several days behind.  No no no. I recorded The Big Benefits Row the other night because I’d had a bad day.  A well informed individual from the local area was using Facebook to inform everyone that Foodbanks were just a way for “trendy, dogooder, left wing,

Growth and Inequality

Feb 5

Last night I watched QI and it was all about happiness.  The wonderful thing about QI is that every 30 seconds you have your perceptions challenged.  You look at the TV and say “Eh, what, really“? What made me do the double take last night?  Stephen Fry said that there is a 10% wider gap

Child Poverty

Dec 11

Yesterday I was watching TV when this advert came on. The day before that Dave Walker posted this cartoon. Today I watched Prime Ministers questions where they jeered at each other like a bunch of 18th century toffs fighting over a slice of pie whilst arguing the pros and cons of an 11% pay rise