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An Oslo Lament

Jul 23

I have just got back from holiday and have quickly prepared something for the morning service about the terrible horrors that have unfolded in Norway.  I will not offer commentary on the events themselves as there are people much better qualified to do that than myself.  However, I will offer the response I am going

Desmond Tutu on Forgiveness

Oct 7

Last year I had the privilege of meeting Archbishop Desmond Tutu when he came to bless the foundation stone of the new monastery at The Community of the Resurrection.  I followed him around for the day taking photo’s of the occasion for both the community and college.  It is rare to meet a person who can captivate

The BNP and Question Time

Oct 20

It would seem that the ongoing saga of Nick Griffin’s appearance on BBC’s question time this week is going to be a hot talking point all week.  In a week where I have witnessed first hand a reasoned debate get thrown out of the window in favour of name calling and petty squabling, it would seem

Church of England Stands Against BNP

Apr 22

Further to my earlier post, it would seem that the BNP are determined to keep implying that we are supportive of their racism and far right policies.  Fortunately following on from the CofE’s insistence at synod that BNP support is incompatible with the priesthood, the clergy are actively getting involved. [edit] Should have checked my