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Changing Worship is One Egg Heavier

Oct 2

Holy Nativity is in the middle of running a mindfulness course.  Two clinical psychologists are offering their time and expertise as part of their faith giving.  I am doing the course for my own wellbeing.  Some of you at this point will have no idea what I’m going on about. Mindfulness means: “paying attention in a particular

What Do I Do Now?

Jul 16

Many in the church define their identity by their opponents.  There are lots of organisations and societies who are defined by the things they oppose.  What happens when the battle is over and they are no longer opponents to be struggled against?  How is identity defined once the campaign is over or the “enemy” is

The Tone of Conversation

Jun 30

This video seems to be doing to rounds again. A polite and humerus debate between human beings. A rare and beautiful think. When I was an RE teacher in giant letters across the whole front of the classroom it said “Key Skill: To be able to disagree with each other respectfully”.