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The News

Sep 23

It has been a week of strange experiences.  I mentioned in passing to our lovely local journalists that I was involved in a service at Dewsbury Minster called the “Rock Mass”.  Obviously we have done a few of these before but this time it seems to have legs.  Something to do with it being in a

ASBO Jesus Rocks!!

Apr 28

Jon from ASBO Jesus posted on my Facebook wall saying “I’ve done an ASBO portrait of you”. I spent an hour or so looking for enough Internet connectivity to have a look. Wealth and fame, a Jedi craves not these things! (hope this works, I’m next to Hadrian’s wall using my phone to try and

God is Love

Feb 10

Please allow me a moment of self-indulgence. I was a small boy when Bill and Ted hit the big screens and I didn’t register the film until I was about 18. But for a couple of moments whilst looking at songs that speak of God for the Rock Mass, this is where it’s at! This