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Hadron Collider

Sep 8

As I am sure you are all aware, the world may end this week.  If it does, at least you can now have a nice look at some photos of the machine that killed you.  If anyone sees four guys on horses, let me know!! Beware the one swear word in this clip from mock


Jun 17

This isn’t a debate I take part in as I am not particularly qualified to comment.  This is an interesting article that adds to the discussion though so I thought it was worth mentioning.  I would however like to know more about the study to see if it was conducted with scientific rigour.

The Creation Narrative

Jun 16

As I logged on this morning the dashboard proudly boasted “Confirmed! Early Genetic Material came from Space!“.  This of course intrigued me and I thought I’d have a peek. I haven’t yet found anything that ‘confirms’ anything but the quote from the Imperial College London speaks in wonderfully narrative terms of meteorites representing “left over materials