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10 Reasons Why Social Media Matters

Jul 8

I came across an article about social media and church websites entitled “10 reasons Why Social Media Matters”.  It is very good at highlighting the shift in the flow of information that I hinted at yesterday in my blog post about advertising.  This is also the conversation that Pete Phillips and many others have been having about

The Sun

Jul 7

Science is awesome!! The creativity that is emerging around the globe is staggering.  No longer are people constrained by the companies who sell ideas, they are free to explore the possibilities.  This is the beauty of the digital revolution.  I was given the opportunity to speak about alt worship/emerging church/culture with a group of people exploring

Rocking @ Greenbelt

Jun 30

I’m really excited to announce that Fr Simon from Blessed asked us to collaborate with their team for a service at Greenbelt.   It will be in the The Big Top on Friday night at 6pm.  From the way things have progressed it will be a blending of Blessed with the live music aspects of The Rock Mass.  It

Social Media vs The Church(TM)

Jun 29

Bosco Peters has reproduced an article from a local newspaper that has some very interesting quotations from The Digital Nun, Sister Catherine Wybourne.  I’ve written previously about the autonomy of social networks and made the comparison between the digital revolution and the printing press so I won’t produce the article in full here.  However, there is one

The Dangers of Social Media

Jun 8

social media has created a revolution in the 21st Century.  The way in which information is shared via media such as twitter and YouTube has seen a permanent shift from those in control to the decentralised masses.  Content is now judged not upon it’s worth to the establishment as it sells it’s product to the consumer but is

Twitter Rankings

Jun 1

Lesley has put together the Twurch of England rankings for the month.  Who has been a good tweeter?  Who has been a bad tweeter?  How does the “quality of your interaction” with others rate?  I find twitter is a fantastic medium for sharing information, resources and ideas.  It is a place for me to interact with