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2010 – Carbon Emissions

Mar 16

I have recently been inspired by spring springing up around me unannounced.  There has been so much snow this year that it has come as a bit of a shock.  This lent, wife and I have decided not to give up something trivial but actually strive to give up a bit more carbon footprint. I

Make do and Mend

Nov 22

Less than 12 hrs after posting about Do the Green Thing, BBC news is telling me about how Grannies are going into school to show children how to “Make do and Mend” as a way of being All Consuming.  Apparantly there is a load of stuff on youtube too but I haven’t had time to

All Consuming

Nov 5

Do The Green Thing have set another challenge this month.  Can you be all consuming?  Even the manky stuff? From their email: Josie Long is moving so Green Thing set her a preposterous All-Consuming challenge – to use up everything from her old flat, even the manky stuff. Amazingly she agreed. We’ll update you on

Do the Green Thing

Jul 4

Do the Green Thing is web site that uses celebrity endorsement to come up with fun ways of being more environmentally friendly.  I first heard about it a few months ago through Justin Hawkins blog on Myspace.  He produced a song for the site called ‘Do it in the Dark’ – a truly ingenious way of

Looking after Creation

Jun 24

Here is an interesting idea for social action.  A methodist church is giving energy monitors to each member of their congregation.  The monitor gives an ongoing price rating of how much electricity it being used per minute.  An interesting way of encouraging faith to be lived out.