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Greenbelt 2012 – U2charist

Aug 6

As you probably know, Ruth and I are involved in a couple of services at Greenbelt this year.  We’ve had details confirmed about when the U2charist will be happening.  It is going to be in the “InSense” venue at 5pm on Monday.  The worship is being organised by Luminous in Lincoln.  Metanoia will be leading the musical aspects of

Metanoia at Greenbelt

Jul 16

Greenbelt 2012 is fast approaching and Metanoia are going to be involved in two of the services there.  Blesséd  are once again providing alternative sacramental worship and we have been asked to collaborate with Fr Simon and the team once more.  This year we are doing the opening act of worship in the Big Top at 5pm

ASBO Jesus Rocks!!

Apr 28

Jon from ASBO Jesus posted on my Facebook wall saying “I’ve done an ASBO portrait of you”. I spent an hour or so looking for enough Internet connectivity to have a look. Wealth and fame, a Jedi craves not these things! (hope this works, I’m next to Hadrian’s wall using my phone to try and

God is Love

Feb 10

Please allow me a moment of self-indulgence. I was a small boy when Bill and Ted hit the big screens and I didn’t register the film until I was about 18. But for a couple of moments whilst looking at songs that speak of God for the Rock Mass, this is where it’s at! This

Maybe True Stories

Nov 20

So I’m hoping hard if it’s the thought that counts That you don’t ever have to know what I think about And that every soul can always fit thought Heaven’s door With the weight of things it never told anyone before. A great song by Lauren O’Connell Full Lyrics: I’ve been trying to quantify All of